October 20, 2014

Outreach tools

Besides the CNES Scientific Missions website, the project organized outreach tools to improve the knowledge and understanding of MSL mission. These tools are as follow:

New version of the presentation about Mars planet exploration and MSL mission.

Presentation of Mars exploration and MSL mission
This presentation (for PC and Mac) can be downloaded here
(beware, the file is 940 Mb!!!!)

Logos and stickers

FIMOC logo ChemCam logo SAM GC logo Mockup logo


Curiosity Mockup ChemCam Mockup SAM Mockup


Les 8 planètes du système solaire Pourquoi Mars ? Mission MSL Rover XXL  Curiosity Replica 


Mars in 7 questions Objectif Mars Dossier Maquette MSL

Student project of building a functional mockup of the rover at scale 1

This mockup was designed and realized by industrial BTS sections (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) from Toulouse academy. The development took place over two school years 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 under the responsibility of a control group composed of the CNES project manager, CHEMCAM CoPI from CESR, the academy inspector in sciences and industrial techniques and teachers from the involved BTS.
To immortalize this adventure, a video report was realized all along the mockup development.